v0.7 released, milestone 4 completed

Check out the online demo here

I’m set to finish the project, I’m streaming 1 hour of dev daily. (Check Day 2 and Day 3)

I decided to swap the scope of milestones 4 and 5, since what I had for M5 was completed and the work in the original M4 is halted (need to check status with Exodus Destiny).

This new version adds the following:

  • Allow using spendable items on inventory to recover HP/MP
  • Add items that are used without direction prompt
  • Transition to “Playing Music” state
  • Allow using items on the ground
  • Allow playing the lute (using piano notes for now)
  • Add light source item types that can be toggled on and off (still no effect on visibility mask).



One thought on “v0.7 released, milestone 4 completed

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