v0.8 released, Milestone 5 Completed!

Check out the online demo here

I set myself to finish the project, and I’ve been streaming 1 hour of dev daily almost continuously for the past 22 days (!).

Milestone 5 took much more work than I anticipated; building a complete mouse-based inventory system was a lot of work (even when I started from the work that Exodus Destiny had done already). But it’s working great and we are closer to the finish line now.

This new version adds the following:

  • Click on a party member to open a window with his equipped items.
  • Click on a container to view its contents.
  • Drag items between container windows.
  • Drag items from containers windows into the world.
  • Drag items from the world into container windows.
  • Drag items into containers and mobs.
  • Allow adding containers with preset contents into the map
  • Title screen
  • Double click to use items
  • Lute and Harpsichord musical instruments.
  • Add backpack inventory background from Nuvie.
  • Solid items (like barrels).
  • Prevent adding items into a container that is contained by the item


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