Work on 0.3 (m1)


  • Execute mob triggers in sequence
  • Load items from tiled map
  • Add cutscene type trigger
  • Add load map type trigger
  • Fix ‘combatTurn’ trigger type to only work while in combat

This completes the planned scope for M1, however, there are still some things I want to do before releasing it:

  • Enhance cutscene for the transition to Iolo’s
  • Add portrait for Shamino

I’ll also clean up the bugs backlog (7 items there now).

0.2 released

V0.2 is now available privately for backers with access to the gitlab repo.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 8.08.19 AM


  • Combat mode
    • Only include mobs nearby to the party on the active queue
    • Prevent starting conversations while in combat mode
    • Add triggers by “combat turn #”
  • Party Status
    • Add support for party member portraits
    • Add health bars
  • Add look command for mobs (Click on them to display info)
  • Fix: Ignore neutral mobs on friendly mobs pathfinding
  • Fix: Crash when mob interacts with the player and he hasn’t moved.
  • Game Over
    • Freeze mob actions
    • Show Game Over popup