Project Status – Milestones

As a way to have an interesting roadmap for the project, we are developing a sample scenario, The Law of Virtue. The first moments of the player going thru that scenario are guiding the development of the engine.

Milestone 1

Planned for November 9, 2018, achieved on November 24, 2018 (v0.3)

The Avatar has been summoned back into Britannia, arriving during the night in a forest near Yew.

The game starts in a forest clearing at night. The Day/Night skyline indicator is visible, showing night.

The player finds Shamino and talks with him, learning about what has happened on Britannia. The conversation with Shamino allows using keywords and has a persistent state (Shamino remembers they have talked already)

They decide to head into Iolo’s house to the West but are suddenly attacked by a group of soldiers led by Lord Asteroth of Empath Abbey. Another conversation with multiple branches is triggered, after which the soldiers engage in combat mode.

The party (Avatar and Shamino), take turns to attack the enemy. They can move around and perform melee and ranged attacks.

The enemy soldiers attack the party members using melee and ranged attacks.

After 5 turns, Shamino is shot by a magic bolt by Lord Asteroth and is taken out of combat. A cutscene unfolds in which the mystic ankh shines and teleports the enemies away, the party is transported to Iolo’s hut.

Milestone 2

Planned for November 23, 2018, achieved on August 6, 2019 (v0.4)

Inside Iolo’s hut, the Avatar can:

  • Save the Game, Exit and Restore
  • Can only see inside the hut when inside (Line of Sight blocking)
  • Examine Iolo
  • Talk to Iolo using keywords
  • Ask Iolo to join the party
  • Open and close its main door
  • Read a book containing Iolo’s notes during the Quest of the Avatar
  • Get a key
  • Use the key to open an inside door going into his workshop
  • Click on party member brings up his inventory (Draggable window)

Milestone 3

Planned for December 7, 2018, achieved on August 11, 2019 (v0.5)

Inside Iolo’s hut, the Avatar can:

  • Go to the second floor
  • Examine a wall finding a secret lever
  • Use the lever to open a hidden door into a room with a mystic sword.
  • Switch the main character to Iolo
  • Get Mystic Sword
  • Examine Mystic Sword (in Inventory)

Milestone 4

(Originally Milestone 5)

Planned for January 4, 2019, achieved on February 14, 2020 (v0.7)

  • Get the yellow and blue potion
  • Drink Yellow potion, recover 5 HP
  • Drink Blue potion, recover 5 MP
  • Get lute
  • Use lute (go into instrument mode, can play using numbers)
  • Exit instrument mode
  • Use torch in the wall (put it off)
  • Use torch again (light it)
  • Get torch

Milestone 5

(Originally Milestone 4)

Planned for December 21, 2018, Achieved March 27, 2020 (v0.8)

  • Get Magic Axe
  • Get a bag
  • Switch the main character to Avatar
  • Check Avatar’s inventory
  • Check Iolo’s inventory
  • Put Mystic Sword into the bag
    • Double Click on bag opens a new popup window with the bag contents
    • Inventory item can be dragged into the bag.
  • Put Magic Axe into the bag
  • Take Mystic Sword out of the bag
    • Double Click on bag opens a new popup window with the bag contents
    • Inventory item can be dragged into a body slot.
  • Give Mystic Sword to Avatar
    • Inventory item can be dragged from a party member body slot to another.
  • Make Avatar Use Mystic Sword (Wear)
    • Inventory item can be dragged from a body slot to the weapons slot

Milestone 6

Planned for January 18, 2019, Achieved May 18, 2020

In the area surrounding the hut, the Avatar can

  • Move around, having the party members follow him.
  • Examine the trees around
  • Examine a rock laying around
  • Get the rock
  • Drop the rock
  • Examine crate (Has some corn inside)
  • Move rock into the crate
  • Examine crate, pick corn from the crate

Milestone 7

Planned for February 1, 2019, Achieved March 18, 2021 (v0.9)

  • Use corn, be less hungry (done)
  • Read a gravestone
  • Check the status of Shamino
  • Talk with Shamino, ask him to leave the party.
  • Talk with Shamino, ask him to join the party.
  • Get the bucket, drop next to the cow.
  • Use Cow (bucket gets filled with milk)

Milestone 8

Planned for February 15, 2019. Achieved October 22, 2021.

  • Attack Cow (Switch to combat mode)
  • Cow flees (peaceful animal AI)
  • Switch off combat mode
  • There are two friendly NPCs around (resistance members). They are hiding at Iolo’s
  • The friendly NPCs sleep at night in the barn, go to the fields during the morning, and have lunch at home at noon.

Milestone 9

Planned for, March 1, 2019. Achieved November 5, 2021.

The party travels south

  • Smooth transition into another map segment (forest)
  • Time goes on into dawn and morning.

Milestone 10

Planned for March 15, 2019

  • Party attacked by a headless’es group. (Switch into combat mode)
  • Cannot switch out of combat mode.
  • When a headless is killed, he drops a corpse
  • After killing all headless, combat mode is automatically turned off
  • Corpses of headless can be examined as containers, they can have a club or not.

Or the party can be defeated…

  • If the headlesses or the soldiers kill the party, it’s game over